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If I Had Known Then What I know Now..

May 18, 2010

I’ve always told myself I would’ve graduated on time two years ago. If I did, I would not have the knowledge that I have now. “Things I Wish I’d Known in College” by culpwrit posted by @Uandrews  caught my eye because there are certain lessons that can be passed on to college students so that they are aware that college isn’t about going to class. College inspired me to not give up on myself nor my education after being told I was not college bound. In addition, here are my tips below. Feel free to add to the list!

 If I Had Known Then What I Know Now(In addition to  “Things I Wish I’d Known in College” by culpwrit):

  • take electives that interest you and that you could minor in
  • Always understand and double-check behind your advisors
  • Make sure all paper work is completed
  • Know the consequences if you have to transfer
  • Begin writing your resumé before sophomore year
  • how important your GPA is even in your first year
  • ALWAYS read the syllabus (it will haunt you if you don’t)!!
  • Try to understand the reasons why professors need certain assignments to be completed
  • Lastly: Make a list of your talents by your sophomore year to narrow down what major you want to declare


I would not change how long it took me to earn my college degree  because it taught me life lessons and skills that are needed in the professional work force. What would you add to the list? What have you learned outside the classroom during your college career?

Effective Group Characteristics

January 13, 2010

In this Group Dynamics class, it is obvious that group work is vital in this course. Throughout my college career, I have been part of various groups completing different tasks. However, I’ve never had a professor such as this one explain and discuss how important it is to abide by these certain characteristics in order for group work to be a positive experience. These are just a couple of characteristics I chose to list. He gave each student a handout listing 22 group process behavior along with four group characteristics. This list is his handout. I firmly believe that every professor giving group work throughout their classes should have a clear systematic method to group work.  In order to do that, each professor should list what their group expectations are and follow-up with group presentations, papers, & projects with a group evaluation sheet. If you were to hand this out to your students, what characteristics would you list?

Group Characteristics:

  1. The group sees a relationship between their work and rewards.
  2. Everyone takes responsibility for the group’s success.
  3. The group knows and uses good group process behavior.
  4. All group members work toward the building of a “learning team.”

Group Process Behavior Effective Characteristics:

  • Disagree openly with any group member, but in an agreeable manner
  • Value Differences
  • Be willing to accept the possibility of being inaccurate
  • Everyone arrives on time
  • Practice courteous communication behaviors
  • Give reason for disagreement
  • All members participate
  • Everyone is prepared for discussion

Things I Didn’t Know About The Eagle Print Shop

April 1, 2009

On April 1, 2009 my Public Relation Publication class visited the Georgia Southern Eagle Print Shop. Here are some quick facts about The Eagle Print Shop:

  1. Newsletters should be in booklet from printed on 80 lbs of glossy text.
  2. Any publication document should be saved in a PDF file.
  3. If the publication is in a different file format than a PDF, then the color may be different when the publication is published.
  4. Always maintain a good relationship with print shop empoloyees.
  5. The Eagle Shop recycles 30%  of their paper.
  6. There are 2 color and 2 black printers.
  7. The Eagle Shop equipment is leased and is financially indpendent state funds.
  8. For our class purposes, it will cost each student 89 cents per newsletter glossy copy.
  9. The Eagle Shop uses acid-free paper.
  10. Always link the pictures in any publication to the booklet file.