To Big To Fail: Tiger Woods Guest Blog: Brittany Cook

Advertisements are only successful and profitable if people and the target audience react to the advertisements whether it’s a Super Bowl Ad, billboard ad, or on You Tube.   Brittany Maree’s blog   discusses how Nike uses public relations to promote Tiger’s image before the controversy we all are aware of.  Nike took a risk in creating an advertisement that causes controversy and reaction among the American public and from people globally. Because Tiger Woods is well-known around the world among sports and non sports fans for his natural golf talent and skill, Nike knew they had to capture the public’s eye using a public relations technique so that anti-Tiger Woods fans would not boycott the brand. 

Isn’t advertisements goal is to catch your eye creating a reaction from you as a consumer? This is what Nike did successfully. Nike promoted their product with their sponsor Tiger Woods in a  creative profound way. How does this advertisement influence other products Tiger Woods sponsors?

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2 Responses to “To Big To Fail: Tiger Woods Guest Blog: Brittany Cook”

  1. aschlum1 Says:

    This advertisement definitely caught my eye. Half of it was it was Tiger Woods and the other half was that I heard about it EVERYWHERE I went! When everything happened with Tiger Woods, I never thought he would be down and out. Many people that watch golf are men and although they might not agree with what he did, most don’t really care. They like to watch him play golf and that is what they watch him for. That being said- I think this commercial was a great way for Nike to make a statement about Tiger. Nike was the only sponsor that did not drop him and they needed to come back with a bang and I think they did.

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