The new resume today: Social Media Resumes

According to the dictionary, a resumé is “a brief written account of personal, educational, and professional qualifications and experience, as that prepared by an applicant for a job.”  Today, especially with the hardships of today’s economic times, it is important for a person to have different resumes and formats of resumes.  So how can a person be creative but also have a simple resume with key words in their resumé? Companies today are asking for resumes to be submitted via online either on the company’s website or e-mailed to the company address, which is why social media resumes are being popular due to  the social media web 2.0.

Social media is defined in different ways, which I’ve discussed in earlier posts. The goal of having a social media resume is so that potential employers are able to have an easy access to your resumé.  Having a resumé online via social media, the resumé is permanently online, giving other people a chance to view  your resumé.  In other words, a social media resume allows a person to embed a video resume, blogs, articles they have written, networks they are a member of, and other social media assignments a person has accomplished successfully. 

Websites including Weebly allow users to create their own themes, design, and content. I began my social media resume using Weebly because it is easy to use even though it took me about three to four hours to complete my site.  Social media resume is beneficial to students because it is another social media tool that allows students to embed their social media skills into their resumé such as podcasting, video casting, and blogs.

Some social media tools that we have to embed into our social media resume are podcasts, slide share presentations, blog posts, and most of all, the resumé gives students an opportunity to explain how they are keeping current on the social trends.

For our assignment in Social Media & Public Relations online, we are to create a social media resume  including presentations we have on slideshare, podcasts, any publications for a client we have created, and other portfolio materials online.  I really like this assignment because to other social media users, it shows that future public relation practitioners aren’t afraid of new technology and the ability to adapt to change concerning  technology. Companies do look for a characteristic or skill that stands out among other potential employers. Thus, having this assignment does make students stand out and learn new social media skills that we need to have when working with companies in the future. 

what do you think a social media resume consists of?

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7 Responses to “The new resume today: Social Media Resumes”

  1. mbutle Says:

    I currently do not have a socail media resume but I am interested in creating one ASAP . For Nixon’s class we have to create one so I am looking forward to the opportunity to be able to make one. Social Media is all that the internet is now. Even my mother has a facebook account (evem though we are not friends). That is when I knew how much social media had changed everyone forever. I agree that everyone should have a social media account somewhere of some sort if they plan on being in PR. It is a neccessity.

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  3. kelseyeh Says:

    Lauren, I enjoyed your post on social media resumes. I think that this form of resume is going to change the way in which people are hired.
    For example, I think that in a traditional written resume, it was simple for people to stretch the truth about their accomplishments. People use the term “domestic engineer” when referring to stay-at-home mom or dad. It was easy for people to embellish written resumes and then charm the interviewer during the interview process.
    I also think it is interesting how the dictionary defined a resume as a “brief written account of personal and professional qualifications…” The social media resume is more of a portfolio than a brief written account. You have a chance to show all that you’ve done and all that you can do for an employer by posting your previous articles, blog posts, podcasts, etc. It’s a great opportunity to show a potential employer what you can really do.

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  5. Jessica Cameron Says:

    Being able to use social media to its full extent is our generation’s selling point to possible employers. Older employers will be familiar with the internet, but did not grow up using sites such as MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, so being able to bring a younger member to the team who finds using these sites easy, is a great benefit to them. Social media resumes are great ways to show companies you are interviewing with just what all you have to offer than some of the older applicants may not be able to show. I have just begun working on my social media resume for this class and I’m excited for it to be finished so I can start showing it off!

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