Shift Happens: Viral Videos

“Just what is it that makes a simple little video like “David After Dentist” become a Viral Video? Also, share links to (or embed) at least two of your favorite videos that went viral.”

People learn in different ways. Some people have to visually see the information to retrieve information while others can only hear it once while the other people only have to read the information to comprehend the information. Thus, is why we as public relation practitioners have to  be able to create podcasts, embed our podcasts and videos in our blog posts. 

Social media is dependent upon people communicating and participating throughout various social media websites. The most exciting part about social media is that people are able to communicate through blogs, Twitter, and other sites. One of the social mediums that is forgotten that people can communicate through is viral videos. 

YouTube allows their viewers to search videos by most popular and by categories in addition to searching trending topics. Videos similar to blogs, have to gain a mass audience in order for it to gain popularity.  Anyone can post a video on YouTube, but only a few videos go viral or in other words, become popular and gain a mass audience.  Like a movie, videos have to be unique, creative, and in a sense, have a good sense of humor. Watch  Evolution of dance, for example:

Evolution of dance has more than 138 million views. Jud Laipply, a comedian is discussed on  He became popular because he captures his audience through his personality by imitating various dance moves from Vanilla Ice to the chicken dance to different “Grease” dance moves.  This video made the top 50 best YouTube video list. 

However, on a serious note, I have watched this video in different classes. This Did You Know? video and ,  has inspired me to think more deeply on an intellectual level about technology, intelligence, and other ethnic diversities.  Compare these two videos:


What amazes me is that the Evolution of dance video has more views than the  Did You Know? video. Why is that? Why is it that I’ve only seen the Did You Know?only in two classes and has less views than the Evolution of dance? Both videos have a point.  Why do you think Evolution of Dance is more viral than Did You Know? 

 This post is dedicated to all of my professors, colleagues, and Twitter followers who have helped me throughout my public relations career including @Mgroover, @Barbaranixon, @rdfrench, @paullyoung, @chrisbrogan, @kmatthews, @missrogue (The Whuffie Factor author), @GingerCM, among many others and to the creators of Twitter. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t know what a podcast, wiki, or a blog is.

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4 Responses to “Shift Happens: Viral Videos”

  1. aschlum1 Says:

    Viral videos are so fun and interesting to watch. One night I swear I looked at almost 20 of them because some are so hilarious! While we are creating our own viral video, it is more complicated to understand what makes a video become viral and how to create one of our own. I can’t wait to see different people’s videos from our class and see if any of them become viral.

  2. Blog Comments « AllieSchlumper's Blog Says:

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  3. Brittany Maree Says:

    I like your viral video choices. The “Did You Know” video is awesome. People really do learn in other ways rather than the traditional methods. I think it’s interesting that people can learn through videos or just listening to things. I am glad that teachers have started to realize that people learn in more than one way because that was something that I struggled with and I know that many others did as well. However, I think it is interesting how videos get so many views. I do not understand how they can get that many people to view a video. It’s just crazy that videos can get that many views.

  4. micaelacarter Says:

    I really enjoyed watching your videos and reading your post about what it is that makes a video viral. Thats is funny that you mention how the dancing video had more views than the Did You Know? but at the same time I can believe it because I know myself I have seen those videos in a couple of college courses. Those Did You Know? videos always seem to amaze me and I always wonder how they came up with all the statistics provided in them. I just had the opportunity for one of my classes to try and create my own video to see if it goes viral.. Lets see what happens!

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