Foursquare: The New Social Network App

Foursquare is a social network game that allows users to meet up with their friends in a specific city to explore the city more than they have before. “Foursquare” users sign up using their cell phone number. Each time you “ping” or update your status you get points for bragging rights by going to a place that you haven’t been before such as a new restaurant or a theater play and actually meeting up with friends.  Foursquare now has apps for the Iphone, Droid, and soon for blackberry’s.  However, “Foursquare” is only in the big metropolitan cities such as London, Atlanta, New York City, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, San Diego, San Francisco along with other cities. So, not everyone can use this app. This trend is great and probably become more popular in the next couple months because it allows people to “advertise” new restaurants, shops, and the “hot spots” in local cities. In a way, “Foursquare” is a word-of-mouth app.  For example, if I’m in Atlanta asking my friends in that area the best restaurant to go to, they will be able to “ping” me using this app. Then, I update my response with a negative or positive review of the restaurant. As a result, companies can look at what people are saying and doing to find what are the “hot spots” in a certain city to either sell their product in the same geographic area or to connect with its customers. Also, restaurant companies  along with others can use “Foursquare” to research what people are saying and doing about their company or product. 

 On the other hand, “Foursquare” is a controversial network site because users specifically tell their friends where they are in that particular city, which that users’ friends can see.  I think it’s a great way to connect with friends in the same area because it gives someone something to do. However, it’s dangerous because like i said above, users are telling their friends where they are in real-time where  other “Foursquare'” users can see.  On the positive side, “Foursquare” is like Twitter. Twitter users tell their locations and “what they are doing” to their followers. I think it’s dangerous if you let it be and are not cautious of what you are saying throughout these social media networks. Like any social media network, “Foursquare” is going to have its pros and cons.  There are dangers in every social media network site. I believe that as long as participants are cautious in who they follow, who follows them, and who is able to view their profile.  My Facebook profile for example, has my e-mail address and not my mailing address or cell phone number. Also, I have certain privacy settings where people who want to be my friend has to ask me meaning that I have to approve and know who they are before I confirm we are “Facebook friends.”

  It will be interesting to see how popular “Foursquare” and other local services become among Internet users and to see what type of demographics will be using these devices. Another interest I have in watching “Foursquare” in its beginning stage and how companies will utilize “Foursquare” along with discovering if “Foursquare” will be able to implement Twitter and Facebook updates. What prediction do you have for “Foursquare” in the future?

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