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Public Relations: “Paying it Forward”

February 2, 2010

Tonight I talked with my mom from relationships to being narcistic in your twenties.  Without realizing it, I am learning how to behave in society as an adult and that it’s okay to be self oriented during this stage of my life.   Also, I’m experiencing the famous quote “paying it forward” as well. As I go to my internship at CASA Ogeechee Judicial Circuit Inc, and attend classes, I have “family” away from home that have helped me out in various ways because they know what it’s like to be a broke college student. I established this relationship by doing charitable activities throughout the community, which is part of societal behavior as an adult.  I surround myself with people who value what I do for them and people who appreciate me. 

All of us have heard “paying it forward.” To be honest, I didn’t know what it really meant until my mother made me understand it tonight. The family that I mentioned above is what “paying it forward” is all about. It’s a circle that never ends.  For example, I go above and beyond (which is what you should do) what is expected of me at my internship. As a result, my hard work is respected, appreciated, and most of all exceeds the expectations of the organization.

Therefore,  I appreciate small things that are done for me and having older people who respect me on  a professional and personal level.   These are  life lessons that are teaching me that I should also help out a person in need (large or small) since it has been done for me, which is “paying it forward.” and relates to how public relations practitioners should behave regardless if you’re in college or establishing your career.

So, how does this relate to public relations? Twitter is a prime example of paying it forward. Twitter users combine their knowledge to help someone else, which in turn set up a “relationship” to help each other. Not only is Twitter an example, but this “paying forward” is explained through various novels I have read on social media such as “The Whuffie Factor,”  “Twitter Power,” and  “Groundswell,” (which I’m reading now). All of these novels explain it in a different way of course, but  what the main point is helping someone out throughout the social media and society.  

Even though I’m a college student, I have worked in groups, read novels, and putting myself into the community to help out any organization and person in need. I’m not trying to brag, but my point is that these tools and requirements have taught me how to uphold myself in society. Thus, public relations  isn’t just about helping, but it’s a characteristic that exemplifies how one should behave in society as an adult at this stage of their life. Think about it, take the two words apart- public and relations. Then, tell me the  social mannerisms expected of a public relations practitioner.