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Through my recent blogging, I have noticed that I haven’t received comments or ratings. First, I thought I’m a “beginner blogger.” However, the more I blog, my statistics  stay the same even though I publish my blog posts on Twitter. Reading novels such as “The Whuffie Factor” and “Twitter Power” have made me realize that it doesn’t matter what you blog about or how much you blog.

 What matters to increase your blog posts is to comment on other people’s blogs and rate them.  By doing this, not only will people begin to give you feedback, but also increase your popularity on various social media websites. The result is rewarding because you make connections with people who you never thought you would. So commenting on other people’s blogging increases your popularity on social networking websites, which will result in connecting with other people. It is important to see what other people are saying on various topics, not just what you’re interested in. For example, even though I’m interested in the public relations field,  I still read other people’s blogs that discuss fitness, politics,  businesses, etc. Not only does this give you ideas to blog about, but it also gives you awareness on what people are talking about, similar to “trending topics.”

My lesson that I have learned is to comment on other blogs and end my blogs with questions so that people can comment and discuss your blog topic.  What is your advice on commenting other blogs?

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