Effective Group Characteristics

In this Group Dynamics class, it is obvious that group work is vital in this course. Throughout my college career, I have been part of various groups completing different tasks. However, I’ve never had a professor such as this one explain and discuss how important it is to abide by these certain characteristics in order for group work to be a positive experience. These are just a couple of characteristics I chose to list. He gave each student a handout listing 22 group process behavior along with four group characteristics. This list is his handout. I firmly believe that every professor giving group work throughout their classes should have a clear systematic method to group work.  In order to do that, each professor should list what their group expectations are and follow-up with group presentations, papers, & projects with a group evaluation sheet. If you were to hand this out to your students, what characteristics would you list?

Group Characteristics:

  1. The group sees a relationship between their work and rewards.
  2. Everyone takes responsibility for the group’s success.
  3. The group knows and uses good group process behavior.
  4. All group members work toward the building of a “learning team.”

Group Process Behavior Effective Characteristics:

  • Disagree openly with any group member, but in an agreeable manner
  • Value Differences
  • Be willing to accept the possibility of being inaccurate
  • Everyone arrives on time
  • Practice courteous communication behaviors
  • Give reason for disagreement
  • All members participate
  • Everyone is prepared for discussion

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