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What I’ve Learned Throughout my Public Relations Study

November 24, 2009

~Lessons Learned Throughout My Public Relations Study~

Tres Vidas: How Do You Express Yourself in Public Relations?

November 3, 2009

The multicultural event “Tres Vidas” is a music theatre piece based on true stories about three different women expressing themselves through art and literature starring Desiree Rodriguez. Desiree has been in four plays, received a BFA in acting from Montclair State University, and is a member of Actors Equity Association. Her singing will take your breath away. I am amazed at what natural talents people have.
The first scene was about a well-known Latin American painter, Frida Kahlo, who suffered a trolley accident when she was 19 years old. She underwent 32 surgerical operations, which is the sole inspiration of her painting. Her painting style consisted of self-portraits and signify strength. Frida Kahlo was married to Diego Rivera, a prestigous painter at that time. Frida Kahlo was born on 1907 and laid to rest in 1954.
The second scene is about the sole survivor of the El Mozote, El Salavdor massacre, Rufina Amaya. The Atlacatl battalion, Salvador Army, murdered more than 700 civilians. At the time, the Atlacatl battalion was trained by U.S. advisers. However, the El Salvador and U.S. government denied the massacre while other people believed Rufina Amaya’s unique story. Two journalists by the names of Alma Prieto and Mark Dannner revealed what occurred at El Mozote. Later in the 1990s, Rufina’s story was proven true by various forensic teams who entered El Mozote.
The final scene was about the most popular female poet from Argentina, Alfonsina Storni (1892-1938) who was the most feminist poet in Latin America and the first female writer to be accepted into Buenos Aires as equal. She had lived a difficult life and at 19, she became a mother. Her main focus as a poet was women’s subordination in society during this time. In 1935, she discovered a lump in her breast while at Mar del Plata beach. She died in the sea when the cancer came back.

So, question is what do all of these women have in common and how does it relate to international public relations?

I want to first examine the three commonalites between the women. The main commonality is that they all expressed their life struggles in a unique way whether through poetry, art, or by journalism. Today, public relations is exponentially growing utilizing every tool possible that is available such as newspapers and journalists. Do you think these women used some form of public relations back then? Public relations can be defined in many ways among various international cultures such as these three women. Futhermore, Public Relations is expressed in different creative ways depending on how public relations is defined.

Even though some would argue public relations began as “propaganda,” it is clearly seen that these women used some form of public relations to tell their stories to those who may not have believed them. With that being said, what is the goal of public relations in relation to this topic? Is it to be the voice of those who may not have one such as these women?