International Interview

My interviewee is from Saskatchewan, Canada. When she and her family first moved to Georgia, it was very sad for her daughters because they had to leave behind their friends and relatives.   The main difference between Canadian schools and U.S. schools is that students didn’t say “maam” or “sir” in Canadian schools. She and her family travel often to Saskatchewan during the holidays to visit old friends and family. “It gives my daughters an opportunity to understand that it is okay to have friends in the U.S. and Canada,” she said.  Today, it is still hard to adjust in Georgia coming from Canada because “my high school students still have a difficult time understanding me due to my accent. We do joke around and they do laugh at my accent. It goes the same way, I laugh at them as well,” she said.  She loves the weather in Georgia opposed to Canadian weather that is much colder during this time of the year. The media in Canada is similar to the media in the U.S. “Much of what we see on tv or in the newspaper is the same as the U.S.,” she said. However, marketing and public relations wasn’t that big in Canada at the time they were living there.  “There was a marketing major at the college that I graduated from with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, but not a public relations major, she said.”  Today, marketing and the public relations field is not as prevalent in Canada as it is in the U.S. “I think that a lot of the PR and that sort of advertising comes from parent US companies. There is probably minimal and a bit more in bigger centers like Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary,” she said. Even though marketing and public relations may be in more populated areas in Canada, people with a marketing degree had a difficult time finding jobs in Canada.  She also expressed how much respect she has for the public relations field because “we are the ones who influence the business all around the country because you are mobile and travel to these businesses,” she said.

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  1. Andrews Says:

    It’s official, people come to Georgia for the weather 🙂

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