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Things I Didn’t Know About The Eagle Print Shop

April 1, 2009

On April 1, 2009 my Public Relation Publication class visited the Georgia Southern Eagle Print Shop. Here are some quick facts about The Eagle Print Shop:

  1. Newsletters should be in booklet from printed on 80 lbs of glossy text.
  2. Any publication document should be saved in a PDF file.
  3. If the publication is in a different file format than a PDF, then the color may be different when the publication is published.
  4. Always maintain a good relationship with print shop empoloyees.
  5. The Eagle Shop recycles 30%  of their paper.
  6. There are 2 color and 2 black printers.
  7. The Eagle Shop equipment is leased and is financially indpendent state funds.
  8. For our class purposes, it will cost each student 89 cents per newsletter glossy copy.
  9. The Eagle Shop uses acid-free paper.
  10. Always link the pictures in any publication to the booklet file.